Thanksgiving Day Wrap-Up

Well, Thanksgiving dinner was a success! The food was so good, I wanted to share the most wonderful receipes from our meal. We tried out some new ones that will become traditions at our house. The Herb Roasted Turkey from Ina Garten was amazing. The rub was really easy, and even though the recipe says to use fresh herbs, we used dried instead, creating a turkey that was very flavorful and moist. Here is a picture of Hank the Turkey pre-cooking:

“Hank” was really good, but our desserts were the star of the meal. We had 2 new pies grace our dessert table, both featuring apple, but in very different ways. The first was an Apple Cranberry Tart with almonds.  I am really into cranberries right now, so when my mom suggested making this, I was totally on board. This pie is not too sweet and had a nice almond taste. We used a regular pie crust instead of a tart crust, mainly because we couldn’t find a premade one, but it didn’t seem to matter. It was delicious…see photographic evidence below.

The second was decadent to the max. Bourbon Carmel Apple Peacan Pie. My brother found this recipe and he did most of the baking while I played executive chef and helped him follow the recipe.

 We reheated the pies right before dessert was served, added some vanilla ice cream and some carmel sauce…OMG. SO GOOD. I am rather embarrassed to say that I ate another piece of each for dinner that night. It was just that good.

After our feast, I walked into the living room and found these guys in food induced comas! Guess it was good! 🙂

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of great food, lots of family and tons of laughs!



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